The Company

Stargate sells high technology products and provides engineering design services. We provide vision to our customers to help design products from concept to the shipping dock. Along this path we can help make critical cost trade-off and build-or-buy decisions for hardware and software. Stargate provides engineering services for all phases of development such as FPGA/ASIC development, Schematic Capture, Software Development, and Mechanical Design for both consumer and industrial products. Through the collaboration of product development with it's clients, Stargate can also offer fresh new inovative products. Stargate sells and licenses products and sells and distributes clients products. OEM arrangement can also be made.


Our application experience are in Printers, Portable Devices, Wireless Technologies, Internet Appliances, Metrology, and Industrial Control. We place great emphasis on real-time embedded data processing and reliability. Please visit our products and services pages.


Stargate is comprised of employees, consultants, and associates with a broad mix of high-tech industry knowledge and experience. The members of our management team and our consultants have all worked for large and small companies and have learned, taken, and given knowledge that we now bring with us to Stargate to build the technology for the future. As a team we share our experiences, our failures, and success stories. Stargate's mission is to provide product knowledge and solutions to the rapidly changing consumer and industrial markets. We want to shorten "Time-to-Revenue" for our customers enabling them to concentrate on creating and inventing.


Our philosophies believe we can create a new breed of company by networking people that can fulfill the ever changing opportunities in our industries. We aim to stay in touch with well seasoned engineers, managers, consultants, marketing, and sales people as well as embracing the talents of younger minds that help us look at things from a fresh new perspective. We are comitted to a mix of corporate and main-street culture that encourages people to think, create and invent.


Burlington MA.

Principally located in Burlington MA, we take full advantage of telecomuting and the internet saving on travel time while accomodating each individuals daily schedules.


Stargate Semiconductor Inc.

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Burlington, MA. USA


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